Easymov Robotics is a french startup specialized in conception of software and electronics for robotics

At Easymov, robotics is more than our job, it is our passion. We are two IT engineers, who have been building robots and different kind of software to control them for many years. Since we have decided to share our passion with the rest of the world. Our purpose is simple: create the best tools for controlling every kind of robots.

Solutions developed by Easymov Robotics are for robotic scientists who want to create the best robotic systems, for industrials who want to experience the future of technology or young robotic startups who need the best tools to efficiently develop and present their robots. We love what we do and we intend to share it with as many as we can.

“Our goal: create the best tools to make the robotics more reliable, simpler and more accessible”


We develop Oros.io, an online platform to design robotic systems. From selecting the software which will operate your robots to generating operator interfaces for your factories, Oros.io is the tool which will help you build the robotic applications of tomorrow. Read more…


Do you want to experience the future of robotic technology ? Contact us, we provide a full set of training for professionals who would like to improve their robotic skills and ROS platform understanding. Read more…


Do you have a specific need for your robotic solution ? Software or electronic developments or even consulting, we work with you on your projet to help you make it successful. Read more…